It’s Wednesday, August 30, 2017 and I’m live blogging from my couch, with my four month old son, Flynn. It’s 11am and he loves his 10am nap on mama.

As he sleeps, I open my laptop and get to work. After about a year of tumultuous pregnancy/newborn months, I’m ready to continue building The Black Layer, A luxury apparel company for awkward beauties. I’m starting to plan our fashion tradeshow trips for this winter/spring. My husband and I will take Flynn with us – he’ll be almost 1 by then. Before the tradeshows, I’ll continue to design and build my ecommerce website at while Flynn naps and after he goes to bed at 8:30 – this kid has set his schedule and he doesn’t like to fall asleep more than five minutes before or after 8:30. That works for us! Now that my body has adjusted to minimal sleep, I’m going all in on building my high-end retail business while he sleeps. I find tradeshows that have designers that fit The Black Layer brand and quality, then dive deep into the particular designers I’d like to meet at the shows. I map my entire trip in a spreadsheet so I can be efficient and effective – I’ll know exactly who I’ll buy from before the show even starts.

When Flynn wakes up, I’m all his. It’s a beautiful thing we have going on here.

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